Is there a manual for the courts in processing bankruptcy paperwork?

Following are links to online information about bankruptcy processing in courts of limited jurisdiction (CLJs).  Attached at the bottom of this answer are additional documents to aid the courts in filing and processing bankruptcy cases.

Thank you to Jeri Cusimano, Court Administrator for Everett Municipal Court, who sent to AOC material received via a request she made to the DMADMIN court ListServ. AOC also acknowledges the many courts who responded to Jeri's request.  This answer leverages the expert knowledge of many experienced court staff in order to benefit all Washington State CLJ courts.

Online Links:

FAQs in the eService Center for the Courts (from

FAQS in the eService Center for the public (from

Various resource documents shared by courts (listed below) are accessible under the "File Attachments" heading at the bottom of this answer. (Please note: Procedures from courts who were in the process of updating their procedures or who already use the Green Book are not included.  The attachments were last updated March 11, 2022.)

 Courtesy of Court:


Grant County

District Court

Contact Information


  • Bankruptcy Procedures Manual


Municipal Court

Contact Information
  • Bankruptcy Procedures Chapter 7
  • Bankruptcy Procedures Chapter 13
  • Bankruptcy Terminology

Port Orchard

Municipal Court

Contact Information

  • Bankruptch Notice Processing
  • Bankruptcy Check Processing
  • Bankruptcy Dismissal-Discharge Processing

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