Is there a way for the courts to find out the status of a bankruptcy case?

Bankruptcy cases in Washington are filed in either the Western Washington District or Eastern Washington District of the United States Bankruptcy Court (USBC).  Listed below are the links to the Web sites for those districts:

Bankruptcy cases are public records and are available for viewing in the clerk's office depending on where the file is located.  In addition, the USBC Electronic Case Files (ECF) system provides access to court files via the Internet for a small fee* at  A PACER account is required for this online service.

In the Western Washington District, basic information about new cases and cases pending as of May 17, 2001, is available through the Voice Case Information System (VCIS) at (888) 409-4662 or (206) 553-8543.  This system allows five free searches per call and you can search by the case number, participant's name, SSN, or Federal Tax ID.

* See also:  Answer ID: Pacer Fees have been waived.

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