What can I do if my court is not receiving PCNs?

When each county was implemented on the Process Control Number (PCN) process, there were written procedures and agreements entered into by the local criminal justice departments. It is recommended that each county review its practices to ensure that criminal history is being reported to the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

If your county is not following the written PCN procedures, you may want to call a meeting between the impacted criminal justice departments to revisit the PCN business rules and procedures. The statewide PCN business rules include the following:

Pursuant to the Washington State PCN Business Rules, 4.d.1:
"Each local jurisdiction shall adopt policies and procedures to assure compliance with RCW 10.98.050(2), which requires that all felony defendants be fingerprinted no later than the preliminary hearing or arraignment."

Pursuant to RCW 10.98.050(2), "anyone charged with a felony and not previously fingerprinted must be fingerprinted at the time of the preliminary hearing or arraignment."

In December 2005, the WSP sent a notice to all booking entities reminding them of their responsibility and need for entry of a PCN. On January 12, 2006, a follow-up letter was sent from Toni G. Korneder, Identification and Criminal History Section of the WSP, and signed by John R. Batiste, Chief of the Washington State Patrol, to those same booking entities, all courts, and the prosecutor's association executive director. A copy of this letter is attached at the bottom of this answer. It contains background information on the PCN project, the importance of following the reporting requirements, as well as contact names for receiving information on the PCN guidelines.

In December 2005, Toni Korneder asked that the AOC relay to the courts that they send completed fingerprint sheets (pinks) ONLY when they are for a case that is NOT charged, and the county does not create a non-charged case in SCOMIS.

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