How do I submit a Person Action Request to AOC?

The Person Record Merge and Record Unmerge functions in Enterprise Justice are similar to the AKA and AKA Delete functions in JIS.  The AOC Person Maintenance Team will perform Person Record Merge and Record Unmerge on behalf of CLJ Courts.  

NOTE: Only Authorized Users Can Access and Submit the Online Person Action Request Form.


1. Navigate to Inside Courts > Court Resources > Court Management > Person Action Requests (previously Odyssey Person Record Request Form).

2. Complete all applicable form fields and upload any necessary attachments.


Select requested Action from the dropdown menu: 

Enter Current Known/True Name information:

Enter Additional Other/Alias information:

3. Upon completion of Person Action Request form, Select Submit

NOTE: Once submitted, the online form will populate an eService ticket to the AOC Person Maintenance Team. The AOC Person Maintenance Team will notify the court through eService when the request is complete.

**Upon completion of the Person Action Request to AOC, the court may need to conduct a Case Party Replace.**  

See Also eService Answer:  CLJ-Enterprise Justice Case Party Replace