How do we move cases from one person/party record to the correct person/party record?

If an incorrect Well-Identified Party (WIP) is on a case, use the Case Party Replace tool/function to remove the incorrect WIP and replace it with the correct WIP. This operation is similar to the Name Person Change command performed in JIS. 


Navigate to Tools > Parties > Replace & Reparent > Replace Case Party. 

1. Enter the case number with the incorrect party in the For Case search field and click on the Search icon. Select the incorrect party. 

2. Select the party picker icon in the Replace search field. Select the party on the case that has been added incorrectly. 

3. Click the Search icon to search Enterprise Justice for the correct name of the WIP in the With search field. 

4. Click the party picker icon to choose the correct name of the WIP in the Using Name search field. 

5. Click the Replace key in the lower right-hand corner; the incorrect WIP will be replaced with the correct WIP. 

6. Upon completion of the Case Party Replace function, perform a case search and verify that the party information associated with the case is correct. 

NOTE: The party record will reflect the correct Case Party Replace, as well as the case caption displaying the correct WIP. 

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