What are the most common questions related to the JABS Security Enhancement released in May 2014?

There are a number of scenarios that may prevent a user from being able to access JABS due to the 2014 security enhancements.  Below is a list of those scenarios and solutions to resolve them. 

1) Cannot get past the JABS RACF ID login page due to password error.

  • Use the link on the login page to go to the Blockade tool in Inside Courts to reset your password.
  • If the wrong password was entered three times the account is locked; contact your Site Coordinator to get it reset.

2) When I log in with my RACF ID it doesn't go straight to the Case Number Search screen, why do I have to pick a record?

  • JABS Users with multiple roles in the court (i.e., AC and AM roles) or who work in multiple courts will need to pick which record they want to use for JABS.  This defines the court data and security allowed per the user's settings in that court.
  • If one is used more than the others, ask your Site Coordinator to add a JABS Default Court = Y flag on your ATH record.  This will allow you to go directly to the Case Number Search for that court every time you login. 
  • NOTE:  To access the other courts, click the hyperlink "Change courts or roles" at the top of the JABS screen to enter JABS with a different JIS User ID.

3) When I log in with my RACF ID it doesn't go straight to the Case Number Search screen and NO JIS User records display.

  • Two actions must be completed to have a JIS User Record appear on the JIS User ID list in JABS. 
    • First the user's RACF ID must be listed on the JABS field in the ATH screen.
    • Second, the user must have been given access to the JABS application on the ATHX "Utilities" screen.
  • Contact your Site Coordinator to have them check both screens to confirm they are completed. 

4) When I log in with my RACF ID and NO JIS User records display, why can I still log in using the "Or enter credentials" fields?

  • This means the JIS User ID does have access to JABS on the ATHX "Utilities" screen, however, the RACF ID has not been added to the users ATH screen.
  • Contact your Site Coordinator to update the ATH screen.
  • If it is the only JIS record being used the Site Coordinator should also add the JABS Default Court = Y entry so the login screen will be by-passed in the future.

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