How do I submit a request for a new User ID?

Site coordinators and local court administrators can submit requests for new User IDs (RACF IDs) and requests to change User ID information via the Manage JIS User IDs page under Court Resources/Court Management on the Inside Courts Web site.  Odyssey Courts need only submit a Manage Odyssey User Access form (JIS access will be created from the Manage Odyssey User Access form).

NOTE:  The RACF ID has to have been created by AOC Security staff before you can add it to the ATH record. If the Manage JIS User ID or Odyssey Manage User Access request form was just submitted, wait until the confirmation notification has been received before trying to add the RACF ID to the ATH screen. ***

A summary of security maintenance tasks for court site coordinators can be found in eService Answer Site Coordinator responsibilities.  Additionally, a security process flow chart is attached to the bottom of this answer to use as a quick reference guide on the steps to create, modify, and remove security for court users and officials.

DOL Applications Access:

  • If the new user will need to be able to access DOL's DIAS application, you must request access for the new person by contacting DOL's Data Services department at 360-902-3708.

For other Security related help, see also:

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