What can be seen on the Obligation Detail report?

The Obligation Detail report provides a breakdown of cost fee codes used to create the AR on a specific case. The report will provide the breakdown of cost fee codes used to create the AR on a case.  It also shows the paid and adjusted amounts on the case. The report will run when a case link is selected from other reports, but it can also be run by itself. It is available in the Drill Down folder within the Accounting folder in BIT. (Image 1)

Image 1


To run the report on it's own, double-click on the Drill Down folder and then double-click on the Obligation Detail report title. When the report opens it prompts for the entry of a Court Code (required) and a Case Number (optional)* in order to get the report to run for an individual in JIS.  Enter a prompted data and click <Run Query>.

*Note: Not entering a case number will provide a list of the totals for each Cost Fee Code used on all cases within the court.

Image 2


When the report displays it will contain the following data:

  • Cost Fee Code
  • Cost Fee Description
  • Ordered Amount
  • Interest Amount
  • Adjusted Amount
  • Paid Amount
  • Due Amount
  • Restitution Joint and Several Flag (RJN)
  • Last Payment Date
  • Collection Status

The header of the report contains information regarding the person that owes the obligation. Additional information was added to the reports with the March 17, 2012, Data Warehouse release.

This report is not an alternative to a JIS Report.

For information on how to run the report from the Cases with ARs Paid-in-Full reports, see the eService Answers for the appropriate court level specific report: BIT Report Cases with ARs Paid-in-Full (CLJ) or BIT Report Cases with ARs Paid-in-Full (Superior Court).

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