What is the difference between the SCOMIS Commands:  CHANGE CHARGE and AMEND CHARGE?

CHANGE CHARGE is used to update or change entries on the Charge screen for criminal and juvenile offender cases.

Use the Change Charge command to:

  • Correct data on the Charge screen or enter an additional PCN.
  • Resolve a case to enter the result for each primary charge in the final set of charges.
  • View charges.

AMEND CHARGE is used to amend charge(s) existing on the Charge screen. 

  • Using the Amend Charge command duplicates the previous charges.
  • Enter the new charge(s) and date from the First Amended Information or subsequent Amended Information documents.
  • The charge count begins with 1.

For detailed instructions, refer to the SCOMIS Manual, File An Amended Information.

See also: Should a new case be filed when charges are received in a non-charge case?

RN id: 2076