Should a new case be filed when charges are later filed in a non-charge case?

No.  Use the criminal or juvenile offender case number that reflects the non-charge RCW.  

When the information is filed, update the SCOMIS Charge screen by overwriting the non-charge RCW (00.00.000 or 000.00.000) with the charge from the information:

  • Use the CHANGE CHARGE command in SCOMIS.
  • Overwrite the non-charge RCW with the RCW from the information and enter the date the information was filed.
  • Change the filing date on the Basic screen to the date the information was filed.

For additional information, refer to the SCOMIS Manual:

See also:  Answer: Difference between SCOMIS Commands CHANGE CHARGE and AMEND CHARGE.

RN id: 2075