There is a Deferred Revoked notation on the Referral History on a youth with an active Deferred Disposition case. Why is it showing revoked?

The Referral History Youth Status section displays the following information:

  • Detention.
  • Decline of jurisdiction/auto adult jurisdiction.
  • DNA submitted.
  • Alert.
  • Diversion (number offered and number signed).
  • Warrant (total count issued excluding active warrant).
  • Probation violation.
  • Referral exception.
  • Deferred.
  • Alias birth date conflict information.
Only statuses that are applicable display.

The Deferred Status is taken from the information entered into the Basic screen in SCOMIS. When a Deferred Disposition is granted, the Resolution Code of DDSP (Deferred Disposition) will be entered and remains entered no matter what the final Disposition of the case is.

The Charge Result code will be listed as G for Guilty with a blank Completion code.  This will list a Deferred Granted notification in the Youth Status section of the Referral History.

If the youth successfully completes the Deferred Disposition, the Charge Result code is changed to D for Dismissed or V for Vacated, and a Completion Code is added. The Youth Status will be changed to Deferred Completed.

However, if the youth does NOT comply and the Deferred Disposition is revoked, the Charge Result code remains set to G and a Completion Code is added. This will change the Youth Status entry to Deferred Revoked.

If the Youth Status entry is incorrect, please review the Basic screen in SCOMIS to verify the Charge Result code, Resolution Code, and Completion Code are correct for the true status of the Deferred Disposition. An incorrect entry in the Basic screen can change the status in JCS.

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RN id: 1853