Why does the exception of "Non-charge / Deferred Disposition" keep appearing on my monthly Caseload Exception Report for Case Type 8 cases?

When processing a Deferred Disposition on a Case Type 8, the procedure is to enter G in the Result (RS) Code field on the Charge Screen, enter the Resolution Code DDSP for Deferred Disposition on the Basic Screen, and leave the Completion Code blank until the Deferred Disposition is complete.

When a Deferred Disposition is successful, the judge will sign an order Vacating the Conviction on the case.  To complete the case file, the G in the Result (RS) code field of the Charge Screen should be changed to D for Dismissed, and the Completion code should be entered into the Basic Screen.

The Caseload Exception Report listing of Non-Charge / Deferred Disposition appears when the G Result Code was changed to a V for Vacated instead of to a D for Dismissed.  Although the order that is singed by the Judge indicates that the charge/s are Dismissed and are to be Vacated, the Superior Court Statistical Reporting Manual instructs that a D be entered in the Result code on this type of case, based on RCW 13.40.127 (9).

For more information, please review the Superior Court Statistical Reporting Manual, Case Type 8, Section 5 - Final Counts Resolved (5.h. Vacated Conviction).

Note: Placing a Completion Code in the Basic screen prior to the Dismissal code being entered into the Charge screen will result in a "Deferred Revoked" entry being listed in the JCS system in error.  To avoid this error, DO NOT enter a Completion Code until the Deferred Disposition is completed or revoked.

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RN id: 1852