Who can have a User ID to access the Judicial Information System (JIS) mainframe computer?

Who can submit these security requests?

The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Security assigns a RACF ID at the request of the local county clerk, court administrator, or site coordinator.  A judicial officer may request security for an employee if he/she faxes the request on letterhead with the judge's signature.  The forms to request a new RACF ID or to change a user's RACF ID are located on the Manage JIS User IDs online page. 

The RACF ID enables a user to access specific applications (i.e., ACORDS, ODYSSEY, SCOMIS, JIS, JCS, etc.). The user's RACF ID provides an audit trail of activities and transactions in each application.

The county clerk, court administrator, or site coordinator should request a RACF ID only for court employees or judicial officers.  Unless they have received approval from the Data Dissemination Subcommittee of the Judicial Information System Committee, prosecutors, law enforcement agency staff, public defenders, and other non-court persons use the JIS-Link application to access information.  Prosecutors and Public Defenders can now use JABS using their JIS-Link account.  To gain access to JABS, contact your Site Coordinator or email AOC's JIS-Link Administrator for instructions. Refer to the JIS General Policies for additional information on security and access to JIS. 

For detailed information and demonstrations on managing RACF IDs for court employees, refer to the JIS Online Manual Administrative Tasks, specifically the RACF Administration section.  For detailed information, instructions, and demonstrations of maintaining JIS security for users, refer to the JIS Online Manual - Administrative Tasks, specifically the About Security section.

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