How Do I Resolve the Error Received When Uploading an Opinion with a Judge from a Different COA Division?


You may encounter this error while uploading an opinion if a judge from one COA Division (e.g., Division II or III) is sitting on a panel in another Division (e.g., Division I). OnBase recognizes the judge but will not identify them with the temporary division they're sitting in.


  1. Check the Judge's Division Before Uploading: When attempting to upload an opinion:
    • AVOID selecting a judge from Division II or III for a Division I opinion (and vice versa).
    • Choose a "Pro Tem" judge from the Judges' list of the respective division for your upload instead.
  2. Addressing the Error: If you receive the error:
    • Confirm the judge's name and their original division.
    • Make the necessary adjustments as outlined in step 1.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully upload the opinion without triggering the division-related error.