How does automation of the Informal Family Law Trial (IFLT) case flags work?

The IFLT Flag is available to be manually added by selecting the “Add Case Flag” from the detail tab of the case.



If you would like to have the flag automated for your court, you may request this configuration change by submitting an eService ticket requesting automation of the IFLT event(s).


In the sample below, the IFTP “Informal Fam Law Trial Selection Petitioner” has been automated. Once the event has been placed on the case, and a “case save” is performed, the flag is automatically placed onto the case.  


The flag is displayed on the Detail tab of the case, in the Case Flags section.



The flag will also display on the Summary tab in the flags & actions due section.

On each tab, an orange flag icon will appear to the left of the case style (title). The flag description will appear in a tool tip if the cursor hovers over the icon.

The flag description will also appear in the Message Bar at the bottom of the screen on each tab.


The functionality of the automation can be selected for BOTH the respondent and petitioner event versions. (IFTP; IFTR)


Currently, there is no event that will automate removal of the case flag, this must be done manually.