Is it possible to flag a Judicial Officer and Attorney or Party conflict in Odyssey? For example, when an affidavit of prejudice has been filed, or a judge has been recused, can a warning appear before saving a case or hearing where a conflict exists?


Yes, attorney and party conflicts can be added to a Judicial Officer’s Resource record. When a conflict is added, Odyssey will warn court staff before saving a case or hearing. 


Example scenario 1

When adding an attorney to a case where a conflict with the case-assigned Judicial Officer exists, a warning will appear, ‘There is an Attorney/Judge conflict. Please select another Attorney.’

Example scenario 2

When scheduling a hearing where a conflict with the court session-assigned Judicial Officer exists, a warning will appear, ‘There is a party/judge conflict. Please consider rescheduling this hearing to a session with a different judge/magistrate session resource’.


To request adding an attorney or party conflict to a Judicial Officer Resource record, submit an eService ticket to the Superior Court Program with the following information. Asterisks indicate required fields.


Judicial Officer




For attorneys

For well-identified parties

(Parties that have a Person ID)

For non-well-identified parties

(Parties that do not have a Person ID)




*WSBA Bar #

*Person or Legacy ID

*Party ID



Case Number


Case Number