To find your submitted tickets that fall within the status of open, pending, work in progress, awaiting response, resolved, visit the eService Center and login to your account. 


1. Access the eService Center either via Inside Courts:

2. Click on the eService Center link in the purple banner.




3. Via the web page at: to login to your eService account.  





4. Enter your work email and 10-character password 




5. Click Login:


6. Upon login, you will be able to select: Check Ticket Status





7. Use the dropdown menu to locate specific or “All Tickets”. 




 8. Click on the “Subject” line to access the ticket content/information.




9. You may also export a list of all your tickets by clicking on: Export tickets and choose the available options.



**Historical Tickets will be available upon finalization of the search/query tool under development at the AOC.