How do I submit a ticket to the eService Center? 

How to Submit a Ticket to AOC Customer Services eService Center

1. Access the eService Center via Inside Courts by clicking on the eService Center link:


 OR accessing via URL

NOTE: the eService Center application is compatible with Chrome, Edge and IE; however, Chrome is the preferred browser


2. Select Login by clicking on the “Login” button on the top right or at the link “Login to submit new ticket”.





 3. Enter your official work email address, 10 character password and select “Login”. 

Note: This is your court email and the password you have created for the eService Center access. 

“Are you an Agent? Login here”, is for AOC console licensed staff only. 




4. After logging in, you are on the landing page for the eService Center where you can submit and/or check on your ticket status.   NOTE: All court and AOC staff have access to the Knowledge base answers.


5. Select New Support Ticket.  




6. Complete all required fields. The red indicates a required field and must be completed for submission.   

NOTE: Depending on which topic and sub topic chosen, an extra drop box may display titled: “Issue”. This box will not appear for every topic.  Screen shots and/or documents may be added by clicking on the “Attach a file” hyperlink below the Description box.   



7. Upon completion of all required fields, select “Submit”.


8. Upon submitting a ticket, you will receive the following confirmation providing the ticket number and ticket details.  Within this screen, you will also have the ability to update your ticket with additional information by entering information in the “Click her to reply to this ticket” in the “Ticket List”. 




9. You will also receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your ticket.


Hello {{ticket.requester.firstname}},

Your request has been received by AOC Customer Services and a ticket has been created, #{{}}
.  Please see the ticket details included below.
 A Customer Support representative will be reviewing your issue and will send you a personal response as soon as available.

Customer Services, Administrative Office of the Courts


Ticket Description:




10. To find your eService ticket history click on “Check Ticket Status”; this replaces the eService Center “My Stuff” section. 

Your recent 30 tickets will be available by clicking on “Check Ticket Status”.  Tickets closed for over 120 days will be in the "Archive" section. 




11. To find all tickets that are available; use the dropdown menu as shown below and select from:  

  • All Tickets
  • Open or Pending
  • Resolved or Closed 
  • Archived