What is necessary for accessing PODS functionality and assigning the new judicial profile?


As a result of RCW 7.105.105, requiring the court or clerk to make electronically available any protection orders filed in the state to judicial officers, AOC created a new cross-court user profile in JIS for judicial officers, only.  This new cross-court profile will provide judicial access to case types 5 and 7 in all superior courts.


Protection orders can be filed in case types 5 and 7.   Current cross-court profiles do not allow judicial officers access to view case information on confidential case types filed in another superior court.  

Legislation requires that all District, Municipal and Superior court judicial officers have access to electronically view any protection order filed in the state.   In order to see whether a protection order is filed in a confidential case in superior courts, a new cross-court profile is necessary.


For court administrators and site coordinators assigning judicial officer profiles in JIS after 12/31/22, please note:

  • Judicial officers must be assigned JG User Type
  • JABS access is required for home court profiles (this is standard)
  • Cross-court profile #00070 is for Judicial Officers only
    1. If non-judges utilize JG user type, this profile # should not be assigned
    2. On 12/31/22, AOC is running a batch process to update all judicial officers assigned JG User Type with the new cross-court profile #00070
      • Any JG user type that is not a judicial officer will be excluded from this update
  • Any judicial officers assigned a new profile by court administrators or site coordinators after 12/31/22 will require the above 3 bullets met, in order for that judicial officer to properly access PODS functionality in JABS
    1. Please see the table that includes the new profile number and manual instructions for creating/updating profiles in JIS


  • Protection order document images filed in confidential cases may still not be viewable.  It is up to each superior court county clerk to share those document images.  If county clerks authorize sharing confidential or sealed protection order images through the PODS service, then PODS is capable of capturing and displaying those orders. 




Contact AOC Customer Services through the eService Center “New Support Ticket”, Topics – JIS Case Management/BIT Reporting or call 1-800-442-2169, Option 3.