Each Municipal, District and Superior Court has a designated Westlaw Account Contact authorized to request Westlaw access for their judicial officers. All requests to Customer Services must come from the authorized court user and within an eService request for tracking purposes.

To request a new Westlaw account for a judicial officer create a new Support Ticket via the eService Center on Inside Courts or by visiting: https://customerservices.court.wa.gov


1. At Inside Courts select the eService Center link as shown below to submit to log in and submit your request for a Westlaw Account access.




2. Click on the “Login” button or "Login to submit a new ticket" at the eService Center as shown below:




3. Enter your court email address and your eService Center password. This password is individually created and is not associated with your RACF ID. 



4. Once you are logged in, Click on the “New Support Ticket” button to submit your Westlaw Request:



5. In the Ticket Template, enter the following mandatory fields:

    a. Subject: Westlaw Request

    b. Topics: Westlaw

    c. Subtopics: Account Access Request

    d. In the “Description” box with the following information:

        i. Judicial Officer's Name

        ii. Judicial Officer's email address

        iii. Judicial Officer's office phone number (if available - optional 

    e. Click the “Submit” button.