How and when do I file the Facial Recognition Report with AOC? 

In the 2020 legislative session, the legislature established a new annual reporting requirement for judges who have issued a warrant for the use of a facial recognition service to engage in any surveillance, or an extension thereof, as described in RCW 43.386.080 that expired the preceding year, or who has denied approval of such a warrant during the year. This law became effective July 1, 2021. (ESSB 6280, Laws of 2020, ch. 257, § 8)

The report shall be provided to the Administrative Office of the Courts in January of each year and shall include: the fact that a warrant or extension was applied for; the fact that the warrant or extension was granted as applied for, was modified, or was denied; the period of surveillance authorized and the number and duration of any extensions of the warrant; the identity of the applying officer and agency making the application and person authorizing the application; and the nature of public spaces where surveillance was conducted. RCW 43.386.070 (3).

A report template is attached to this answer and can also be found on Inside Courts under Court Resources, Court Management, Forms.

The report should be sent to where it will be acknowledged and logged in the Office of Legal Services and Appellate Court Support. 

RN id: 2552