What is changing in ETP related to King County District Court's New eCourt System?

Beginning November 2, 2020, King County District Court (KCDC) will no longer utilize AOC's ETP system for receiving electronic tickets.  This means that eTickets that need to be transferred from another court to King County District Court can no longer be transferred electronically via ETP.  In order to prevent eTickets from being accidentally sent to King County District Court in the ETP application, the KCD court code will be removed from the list of available courts on the Transfer eTickets "New Court" selection list, effective October 27, 2020.

Once this change is in effect, eTickets that need transferred to King County District Court must be manually sent to the court and cannot be deleted from the originating court's records per the normal Transfer eTicket process outlined in the eTicket Online Manual.  Because the original eTicket filing cannot be deleted from JIS, it is imperative that the appropriate Case Disposition code of "TR" for Transferred is used on any case that is being manually transferred.  This way, when the two cases appear in JABS it will be clear that one record is Transferred, and one is the active case.


RN id: 2538