What is the best way to print forms in Odyssey?

The best way to print forms in Odyssey is to use the Print Preview option. 

When selecting a form from the Select Document screen, there are four print options:

  • Print File Copy - Prints and attaches two documents: one document for filing, another for mailing.
  • Print Preview - Provides a preview of the document and options to Attach, Print All or Exit. 
    • Attach - attaches the document to the Documents tab.
    • Print All - prints only and does not attach the document to the Documents tab. 
    • Exit - simply exits from the preview screen and does not attach or print the document.

  • Printer Prompt - Prints and attaches a document after a printer has been selected from the printer prompt screen.
  • No print option selection - Prints and attaches a document.

To print only and avoid unintentional attachments, follow these steps:

1)    Before selecting a form, check Print Preview.
2) Once the form merges, select Print All.
3)    Click Exit.

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