Are pleadings and other records in parentage cases confidential?

Records maintained in the parentage case filing are confidential. SSB 5333 (2019 legislation), clarifies existing law that the final order determining parentage under the Uniform Parentage Act and all other records subsequently entered are publicly accessible, subject to exceptions in court rules.

Since the parentage action is a confidential case type and not publicly accessible, it is recommended that a new PPS (Parenting Plan/Child Support) cause of action be filed upon entry of the final order determining parentage.  The PPS case type and the final order of parentage filed therein are publicly accessible.  The new PPS case filing is available for subsequent court records involving the parties and subject matter of the parentage order.  This process aligns with Person Business Rule 1.40:

Create one unique person record on the JIS Person Database for each individual named as a case litigant or order participant in the following types of actions. . . . Parentage (S5) . . . (Parental Determination and URESA/UIFSA Parentage cases may be entered in either JIS or SCOMIS based on local policy. If a Parental Determination or URESA/UIFSA Parentage case is filed in SCOMIS, it must be converted to JIS when the order establishing parentage is issued.)

RN id: 2522