What is DOL DRIVES and what is the impact to JIS and the courts?


The Department of Licensing (DOL) has communicated the following information regarding the DRIVES Project:

Over Labor Day weekend 2018, DOL will complete a full modernization of the state's driver licensing system. The project, called DRIVES (Driver and Vehicle System), essentially replaces a collection legacy software that is up to 40 years old. This system change may impact your access to DOL services. To accommodate the cutover to DRIVES DOL's Licensing Services Offices will be closed Friday, August 31 through Monday, September 3, 2018. See DOL DRIVES website for full schedule of disrupted services. 

What do Courts Need to Know:

Due to DOL DRIVES, all AOC applications are required to make changes to interact with DOL. The primary impacts to the courts are related to where and how the Abstract of Driving Record (ADR) displays and the format of the driver's license number. In addition, the number format, the terminology in referencing the driver's license number used by DOL, which is currently the Personal Identification Code (PIC), will become known as Driver License Number (DLN). The term DLN will be for driver's licenses and state IDs and each DLN will begin with the letters "WDL". The DLN format change will implement gradually as first-time licenses are issued as well as renewals and replacements after the DRIVES implementation date. DOL will support the ability for customers to search by either the old PIC or the new DLN. See the DLN Fact Sheet attachment at the bottom of this answer

The following are changes to AOC systems due to DOL DRIVES:

Judicial Access Browser System (JABS):
  • The ADR information will still be available in the Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) however, it will be an AOC created document, no longer an official DOL abstract. An example of the JABS ADR, as well as a DOL and AOC ADR Comparison document, is attached to the bottom of the answer.
  • The search criteria in the lower portion of the Person Search screen has changed. To search for an Abstract of Driving Record, the following must be entered:
    • Driver License Number, or
    • Last Name (at least 1 character required), First Name (at least 1 character required) and Date of Birth.

  • The person search results will include additional information from DOL.
  • An additional print button was added to the ADR tab. See directions for printing attached to bottom of the answer.

Judicial Information System (JIS):

  • The ADR will no longer display in JIS and the DOL command is disabled. Users must go to JABS to view an ADR.
  • The F9 key used to access DOL ADR will display a new DOL License Search popup screen instead of accessing the ADR. This popup screen will display all pertinent person information needed by the courts, as well as display a person's most recent previous Washington State PIC or DLN. The following JIS processes will be impacted by this change:
    • Non-Civil Case Add (NCCA)
    • Superior Criminal Case Add (SCCA) 
    • Civil Case Add (CIVA) (Cases requiring IN-type person records)
    • Juvenile Court Person Record Add (JCRA)
    • Case Participant Add (CSPA) (Parties requiring IN-type person records)

      Detailed process documents, for each JIS process, are available at the bottom of the answer.
  • The batch print of ADRs will no longer be available and the option removed from the following JIS screens:

    • Individual Case History Batch (ICHB)
    • Individual Order History Batch (IOHB)
    • Defendant Case History Batch (DCHB)
    • Prepare Calendar Select (PCS)

  • Previous driver license numbers in JIS will now be available. A License History Pop-up screen will be available on the Individual Information (PER) screen using the F3 key on the License Number field.
  • Updates will be made to the Search Name Duplicate (SND) screen to view previous license numbers. This information will be display only and will not be searchable at this time.
JIS Screen Shots and Information document is available at the bottom of this answer.
 Electronic Ticket Processing (ETP)
  • The DOL search results will now display more detailed person information.
  • The ADR will be the same as the ADR displayed in JABS.


Juvenile and Correction Systems (JCS)

  • The DOL ADR link is removed from JCS. Users must go to JABS to view the ADR.


  • There are no screen or system changes for Odyssey due to DOL DRIVES.

DOL Data Exchanges

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