How can I add a new judicial officer into Odyssey?

To add a judicial officer in Odyssey, the Site Coordinator must first log into JIS as an Administrator (AM) and add an OFO record for their respective court node (example OFO record for Adams Superior Court: S01). 

Once complete, notify AOC via an eService ticket and the Odyssey Judge Code can then be mapped to the JG Name Code in JIS.  

Also see:

Manual page for adding an OFO record in JIS:  Official and Organization Person Records

Tutorial for adding an OFO record: Add an Official (OFOA)

Site Coordinators will continue to follow the current procedure to obtain a RACFID for judicial officers by submitting a form found at the following link at Inside Courts: Manage Odyssey User Access

Only one RACFID is required for a judicial officer who can then have multiple JG Name Codes in JIS.


Adding Judicial Officer as a Resource in Odyssey

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