What are the changes to the race and ethncity fields on the PER screen that will impact Courts of Limited Jurisdiction?

On June 5, 2017, as a result of Information Technology Governance (ITG) request 178, the Race and Ethnicity codes, descriptions, and functionality will be changing in the Judicial Information System (JIS).

All JIS users will be required to enter a code in the ethnicity field when adding or updating a JIS Person record on the Person (PER and PERA) and the Superior Court Case Add (SCCA) screens.

The code for Hispanic (H) will no longer be allowed in the race field and may only be entered in the ethnicity field.

Below is a table with the new or updated codes and descriptions.

Race Code Table

Ethnicity Code Table

What does this mean for the Courts of Limited Jurisdiction?

Users will now be required to enter a separate code in the race and ethnicity fields in JIS. When entering a new person on the PERA screen, users will need to enter both the race and ethnicity. On the PER screen, if the information received to file the case is different than from what is in JIS, users will update the race and ethnicity field.

Each field will need an entry, even if it is unknown.

How is this different than what I did before?

Previously, if a person was identified as H/M, users could enter H in the race field. JIS would auto populate the race field with U and move the H to the ethnicity field. This will no longer happen after these updates to JIS take effect- users will need to enter separate entries into both the race and ethnicity fields.


Users enter the ethnicity in the race field.


After Field Changes, users will fill in both the race field and the ethnicity filed separately. See below for an example:


What new codes are available?

In an effort to align our data standards with federal standards, we will be using two separate codes for Asian and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander as well as a code for Multiracial.

RN id: 2445