Do new Odyssey cases get a SCOMIS number with a check digit?

Odyssey Case Number

When a case is created in Odyssey, the case number is generated with a TWO check digit number.


The check digit number circled above is a code assigned to each county.

Each county has their own check digit county code.

Every case within the county will end in the SAME check digit.


SCOMIS Case Number

When a case is created in Odyssey, a case number is also created in SCOMIS.

SCOMIS issues a statewide SINGLE check digit from 1 through 9.

The check digit is randomly assigned, regardless of what county it is filed in.


A SCOMIS case number can be used in SCOMIS or Odyssey to look up case information.

Although the case is filed in Odyssey, a SCOMIS number is always attached to the case.

To locate the SCOMIS number in Odyssey, click on the Detail Tab.

Under Case Cross Reference Number, the JIS/SCOMIS number can be found. 


The arrow represents the Odyssey Case Number.

The box represents the JIS/SCOMIS number.


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