Can I see a complete Individual Case History in Odyssey?

A complete Individual Case History (ICH) through Odyssey is NOT available at this time.

A user can run a Party Record Search in Odyssey to find information on an individual.   

A Party Record Search will ONLY populate Odyssey cases and old SCOMIS/JIS cases filed in courts currently using Odyssey.

To run a Party Record Search:

Click Find a Party on the Case Manager Home screen:


Enter the information you have on the person as shown below:


Select the appropriate person based on Personal Business Rules.


Once the user selects the person's name, several tabs are displayed

Below is an example of tabs a user can select to view information similiar to an Individual Case History (ICH).


The Party Record Search WILL ONLY populate JIS/SCOMIS cases from counties on-boarded with Odyssey.

The Party Record Search WILL NOT show cases filed in courts that currently do not use Odyssey or will not be on-boarding Odyssey.

To obtain a complete Individual Case History (ICH), the user will need to conduct the search through JABS.

When running an Individual Case History (ICH) search in JABS, the user DOES NOT need to conduct a separate Party Record Search in Odyssey.

Odyssey cases will display on the Individual Case History tab in JABS.

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