How is an accounts receivable set up on the CAR screen when a case has criminal and infraction charges?

Effective December 21, 2015, the Create Account Receivable Screen (CAR) will allow entry of cost fee codes based on the laws associated with the case, not the case type.  Therefore, if a case has a criminal charge and an infraction charge, all related cost fee codes are eligible. 

For example, a citation is originally filed with two criminal charges: Reckless Driving and Driving While License Suspended 3rd Degree. An agreement was reached, and the defendant entered a plea to the Reckless Driving; the Driving While License Suspended 3rd Degree was amended to the infraction of No Valid Operator's License with Valid Identification. 

As part of sentencing, the defendant is given the following fine:

 Reckless Driving $1293.00
 No Valid Operator's License with Valid Identification $194.00
 Probation Fee $1800.00
  Total: $3287.00

This case would result in the need for criminal case-type AND infraction case-type cost fee codes.


See eService Answer - Anatomy of a Standard Infraction Penalty for more information on the required breakdown of traffic infractions.

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