How does a court document on a person record that an individual has violated Electronic Home Monitoring/Detention?

Engrossed House Bill (EHB) 1943 passed in the 2015 Washington State Legislative session requires certain violations of Electronic Home Monitoring/Detention to result in an individual not qualifying for Electronic Home Monitoring/Detention in the future.

The Person Comment Screen (PCMT) is being made available to all court levels to allow courts track violation status of Electronic Home Detention.

Additionally courts are required to notify AOC when discontinuing or resuming use of a monitoring agency. The Administrative Office of the Courts will make this information available to courts statewide

  • The Pattern Forms Committee has drafted a form order for use when the court orders a person to comply with a home detention program. 
  • Docket code - HDOR - Home Detention Order is available to use.
  • The Person Comment Screen (PCMT) will be available to all court levels. This screen allows for the input of the following codes to identify a home detention violation using the following codes:
    • HD1 - Home Detention Non-Technical Violation for use when courts shall not allow HD/EHM in future sentencings.
    • HD2 - Home Detention Technical Violation for use when the courts may allow HD/EHM again in future sentencings.

***NOTE: Effective January 19, 2016, a Home Detention Delete Report will used to create an audit trail that records responsibility for deleting the home detention violation codes, HD1 and HD2, from the Person Comment Screen (PCMT). Due to the important nature of the home detention violations, the Home Detention Delete Report assists the court in monitoring and reviewing the code deletion. This report does not need to be saved for the auditor; however, the court may wish to develop an internal retention schedule.

  • The presence of these codes on the PCMT screen will show in both Juvenile and Corrections System (JCS) under the Person Comment menu option as well as in the Judicial Access Browser System (JABS) under the person tab.
  • This bill requires courts to notify the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) when a court has (1) decided it will not allow use of a particular monitoring agency and (2) decided to resume allowing use of that monitoring agency.  It also requires AOC to notify all Courts of Limited Jurisdiction and Superior Courts when AOC has received notification of a court's decision.

    AOC is in the process of providing a webpage for courts to use to notify AOC and is building an automated notification service.  During the interim period, please submit an eService incident as notification to AOC of either of these court decisions.  Please include the name of the monitoring agency and the reason for the court's decision. AOC will then provide notification of that decision as required by law and will maintain a list of these decisions which will be available to all courts.  Additional information will be provided when a webpage is available.

NOTE: This answer will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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