How do I indicate a charge was dismissed and refiled, so it does not appear to be two separate charges on a defendant's criminal history?

Designed to indicate that a charge was dismissed due to some error - whether in case, name, or charge - and will be refiled, the Finding/Judgment code of "DR" (Dismissed and Refiled) was added effective April 6, 2015.  The DR code will require a Dismissal Reason code as well.

The DR finding code may be used in Infraction, Criminal, and Probable Cause case types. When entered on the Plea and Sentence (PLS) screen, a docket entry is automatically generated as "Dismissed - Refiled as New Case."

For the following purposes, the DR code will be treated as a "not guilty" finding:  

  • Domestic Violence Inquiry (DVI)
  • DUI Report (Dismissed - Other)
  • DOL eTicket program

The DR code is reported to Washington State Patrol for disposition reports if the charge was reported to WSP with a Process Control Number (PCN).  If/when the charge is refiled, it is important to include the PCN with the refiled case.

RN id: 2372