Are Social Security Numbers displayed in JIS?

On June 27, 2014, the Judicial Information System Committee (JISC) instructed the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to remove Social Security Numbers (SSN) from all Judicial Information Systems. AOC will complete the implementation of this change on November 3, 2014, effectively removing all SSN information from Judicial Information Systems.

Prior to the removal of SSN information AOC will make a copy of the data contained in the SSN field. The data will be available for request for 90 days, at which point the copy will be deleted.  Administrators and Site Coordinators can request SSN information for their court records from AOC by submitting an eService incident within the 90-day window (by January 31, 2015). Contact AOC Customer Services through the eService Center Ask a Question section, Topic: Case Management and submit a request for SSN data for your court. Additionally, requests made outside the scope of a court's own records will be handled as a Data Dissemination request.

Upon approval of the submitted request for SSN information a report will be generated and be available in the court's print domain.

In order to accommodate the removal of SSN information; changes are being made to the applications listed below:

  • Judicial Information System (JIS)
  • Judicial Access Browser (JABS)
  • eTicket Processing (ETP)

A document is available below that has a list of changes and implementation dates for the applications listed above.

RN id: 2365