How do I process an extended judgment?

An order extending a civil judgment is entered into JIS on the Judgment/Disposition Update screen (CVJ) using the Judgment Code EJ - Extended Judgment.  This process will properly document that the judgment has not expired and keep an accurate record of the proceedings. 

When an order extending civil judgment has been signed, add the order as a Subsequent Judgment on the case:

  1. Display the CVJ, no actions need to be taken on the original judgment
  2. Press <F2> to display a blank judgment screen
  3. Tab to the Judgment Type and enter EJ
  4. Enter the Date the order was signed
  5. Enter the Judge that signed it
  6. No additional information is required as the original judgment displays the details
  7. Press <Enter> to process
  8. The Judgment/Dispo Parties Update screen will appear
  9. Enter the Send Payment To appropriate party
  10. Tab to the Case Participants and enter the appropriate Against (A) and For (F) parties
  11. Press <Enter> to process the screen

This case will now display on the Civil Cases, with Judgments BIT report, with both the original and the extended judgment entries, which will allow the courts to quickly see which cases have been extended.

RN id: 2364