What happens when FTA processes are not forwarded to and handled at DOL?

When an error occurs and DOL does not process FTAs and Adjudications that AOC normally sends daily, a recovery process is executed. AOC creates a recovery file by matching the original FTA case status to the current FTA case status in JIS. The recovery file is then sent to DOL for processing.

Courts impacted by the recovery run will find an FTA RECOVERY report in their A print domain. The date in the report title reflects the date that the original process did not run (mm/dd). This report provides a record of how the AOC recovery process handled each case.  Please see the following information regarding the Audit report and Exception processing. This explains the report and what the court needs to do, if anything, to reconcile any discrepancies, errors, etc.

Description of the fields on the FTA Fix audit report:

 Fields Explanation
 DOL Case FTA status sent to DOL in the original file that did not get processed:  A=adjudicate, F=FTA
 FWO Case FTA status in JIS at the time that the recovery file was being created:  A=adjudicated, F=Issued, M=Manual, D=Delay, C=canceled
 Case Number Case number sent to DOL
 Crt Court code
 DOL Dt Date of the adjudication (YYYYMMDD)

 Date and time of the current FTA status in JIS (YYYY-MM-DD-clock time)


 One of two messages will print:

1. "Is OK to send" -- the DOL and FWO codes were the same, and this record was resent to DOL for recovery. No action is required.

2. "Must be deleted" As a result of more recent activity in JIS, there was no need to resend this record to DOL. No action is required.

 Defendant Defendant name in JIS - as sent to DOL originally

A Special Error Line may appear:
Some cases may list with text similar to this example:  

"SPD I00000100 CS, PAR and FWO row not found. SMITH, JUDY" 

These records were NOT sent to DOL for recovery.  
In the example above the recovery process did not have enough information to find a match (i.e., no birth date, no driver license number, etc.). The court will need to research each of these cases in JIS and DOL to determine how to manage them.  Call the Help Center 1-800-442-2169, line 3 if you have any questions.

NOTE:  The court may want to keep this report as a permanent audit record.

 RN id: 2360