How do you assign a Photo Enforced or Parking case to collections for the defendant instead of the vehicle owner?

The JIS Parking Sub-system, where Photo Enforced Infractions and Parking Infractions are processed, was designed to document both the Vehicle Owner and the case defendant. However, the system will ONLY issue a delinquent notice to a Vehicle Owner, meaning only the owner can be sent to collection.

If a defendant is documented on the Parking Special Requests (PSR) screen in JIS, the name and address are used for hearing notices issued, the name appears on the printed calendars, and the name is searchable using the CNCI command and the Name Code type of PR - Parking/Vehicle Violation Defendant.  However, those are the only functions in JIS that use the information in the Defendant Name and Address field.

All steps of the Automated Parking Delinquency and Collections Cycle in JIS are connected to the Vehicle Owner Record (PVM), not the defendant. This means any delinquent notice issued by JIS and any record sent from JIS to collections will have the Vehicle Owner name and address. This cannot be bypassed in JIS.

If a judge orders the defendant to pay, not the Vehicle Owner, follow the instructions in eService RN id 2358 - Making a Responsible Party Pay a Vehicle Related Violation Instead of the Vehicle Owner

Using the Case Condition Code PRK with a future review date will prevent the Vehicle Owner from getting a delinquent notice and getting sent to collections in this situation.  Otherwise, the court should allow the Automated Parking Delinquency and Collections Cycle to run on its own.

NOTE:  DO NOT add the defendant's name and address as the Vehicle Owner record in JIS.  Remember, Vehicle Owner records ARE statewide records that are also used by other courts.  Other courts' cases would also be assigned to the defendant if they are erroneously added as an owner.

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RN id: 2352