Why should the court use the Bank Reconciliation Screen in JIS when the reconciliation is also done on paper or with a separate software program?

There are a few reasons for completing the Bank Reconciliation (BKS) screen in JIS, even if the reconciliation is already done on paper or in a separate software program:

  • The court can confirm all accounting activities documented in JIS match the activities on the bank account by making sure the two match each month.
  • Completing the Bank Reconciliation in JIS is one of the Washington State Auditor's Office specific recommendations as identified in the Administrative Tasks manual on Inside Courts.
  • Cases eligible for destruction will never be destroyed, even if all other case criteria is met, until all outstanding check(s) connected to the case, are reconciled.
  • For Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, as the destruction of records process resumes, cases with outstanding checks will appear on the Destruction of Records Exception Report every time the process is run.

For courts that are unfamiliar with completing the Bank Reconciliation (BKR) screen in JIS, there are several resources available.

JIS Online Manuals located on Inside Courts (Court Resources > Manuals > Financial Processing > Banking)

JIS Tutorials located on Inside Courts (Education > Education Events > All Educational Events > Tutorials)

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Check Register Functions

JIS Classes held in Olympia; course information located on Inside Courts (Education > Education Events > JIS Courses > Courts of Limited Jurisdiction Course Schedule or Superior Court Course Schedule).  See the course schedule pages for the currently scheduled dates.

 See also:

  • Auditors Recommendations (Superior Courts) - Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Auditors Recommendations (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction) - Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Manual for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction - 2.3(F) Financial Transactions - Accounting Procedures
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