If a prior vehicle owner notifies the court that they sold a vehicle that received a photo enforced ticket, should the new owner information be added at that time to JIS?

New owner information should only be added into JIS if the information is received based on a Delinquent Notice.  Adding owner information prior to the delinquent notice processing may prevent the delinquent process from running automatically and can cause the court additional work.  See also eService RN id 2255 - Manually adding vehicle owners may cause errors.

The problem many courts are having is the previous vehicle owners are responding to the mailed ticket, not the delinquent notice.  By updating the vehicle owner in JIS prior to the automated delinquent process starts, court staff are causing additional work to be done on each of those cases.  To help reduce this additional workload, AOC recommends the following process:

When the vehicle's previous owner contacts the court and confirms the vehicle was sold prior to the ticket's violation date:

  1. Update the owner information ONLY in the photo vendor records.  Request a new copy of the ticket be mailed to the correct owner.
  2. Go to the Plea/Sentence (PLS) screen in JIS and add the Case Condition Code of PRK - Parking Payment Review with a future review date.  This will allow the new owner to receive the new ticket via mail and have time to respond, prior to the ticket going delinquent.  NOTE:  Set the date out at least thirty (30) days as the delinquent notice process will start automatically one business day after the PRK date has passed.
  3. Set the ticket aside for tracking and/or utilize the Case Review Tracking report (or similar BOXI reports) to track these cases.
  4. On any case that is not paid or scheduled for a hearing by the future review date set in PLS, add the vehicle owner record on the Parking Vehicle Owner Maintenance (PVM) screen.  Use the "Sold" date provided by the previous owner as the start date for the owner record and be sure to change the "New Owner" option from N to Y.  Press <Enter>.
  5. Go to the Parking Special Request (PSR) screen and change the "Print new delinquent notice using the owner address displayed below (Y/N)" from N to Y.  Press <Enter>.

This process will prevent the DOL owner record update from being done early and likely adding the previous owner in JIS.  It will also prevent the delinquent notice from being issued to the previous owner in error.  It also reduces the amount of work staff is doing by only adding the record to cases needing delinquent notices and reduces the number of cases appearing on the Delinquent Notice Exception Report.

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RN id: 2347