Who can access accounting reports in BIT?

The Accounting Data Mart in BIT contains JIS accounting information for the Superior Courts and Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. Initially, all financial information contained in BIT could be viewed by any BIT user and for any court level.  This means there was no cross-jurisdictional access limits.  That was contrary to the design of the accounting information in JIS, which is limited to individual court jurisdiction.

Beginning with the April 16, 2013, release, the Accounting Data Mart has inherited the same security used in JIS for the sign on user's RACF ID. This includes home court and cross court case type security and sealed case access. Generally, criminal and offender information is public access while all other case types are open on an individual user basis. 

This means, if you can see the case data in JIS or SCOMIS, you will be able to see the accounting data in the BIT reports.  If you cannot see some Case Types or Sealed cases in JIS or SCOMIS then you will not be able to see the accounting data for those cases in the BIT reports.  For Example:

Someone with access to all Case Types could see the following return results:


However, someone with limited Case Type access may only see the following return results when running the same report:


Sealed Case access also impacts the data results in the accounting reports.  Those with Sealed Case access will see data on all cases on all reports.  However, those with no access to Sealed Cases will either see no data on some reports or "**Case Sealed**" instead of data on other reports:


Note:  This same security is built into all other BIT Data Marts (universes), not only the Accounting Data Mart.  This security is simply new to the Accounting Data Mart as of the April 16, 2013, release.

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