What can be seen on the AR Last Payment (Superior Court) report?

The AR Last Payment (SC) report allows the courts to retrieve the list of cases that have not been paid in full.  The AR Last Payment (SC) report is available in the accounting folder in BIT. (Image 1)

Image 1


To run the report, double-click on the title. When the report opens it prompts for the entry of information to run the report. The prompts include a mandatory entry item and a few optional entry items. (Image 2)

Required data prompt:

  • Court Code

Optional data prompts:

  • Payment Begin Date
  • Payment End Date
  • Obligor Name  

Image 2


When the report displays it includes the following data:

  • Obligor Name 
  • Birth Date
  • Case (Number)
  • Restitution Joint and Several (RJN) Flag* 
  • Judgment Date
  • Last Payment Date
  • Total Due Amount

*The RJN column will be blank unless an account is marked as Joint and Several in JIS, then a Y will appear.

Both the Case Number and Obligor Name will be listed as a hyperlink on all tabs. Clicking on a hyperlink will run another report to display details about that case or person's obligations. Click the name to run the Obligor Detail report. Click the case number to see the Obligation Detail report. View the related RN answers BIT Report Obligor Detail and BIT Report Obligation Detail for the details of what will appear on those reports.

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