What can be seen on the Case/Person Financial Summary report?

The Case/Person Financial Summary lists a complete current and historical accounting activity summary for the specified obligor for each case listed. The totals will have hyperlinks to the following data in detail form: AR Ordered, Adjustments, Interest, Received, and Balance. The Case/Person Financial Summary report is available in the Accounting folder in BIT. (Image 1)

Image 1


To run the report, double-click on the report title. When the report opens it prompts for the entry of information in order to get the report to run. The prompts include a mandatory entry item and a few optional entry items. (Image 2)

Required data prompt:

  • Court Code

Optional data prompts:

  • Obligor Name Code 
  • Case Number

Image 2


When the report displays it includes the following types of data on the right-hand side of the screen:

  • A/R Ordered
  • Adjustments
  • Interest
  • Received (Payments)
  • Last Receipt Date
  • Last Receipt Amount
  • Balance (Total remaining due)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bail/Bond
  • Deleted JVO (Journal Voucher) Transaction
  • Collection Status
  • Payment Schedule Flag

A hyperlink will appear under the A/R Ordered section of the report.  Clicking this link will run a drill report "CFHS - AR Detail."  A hyperlink will appear under the Disbursements section of the report.  Clicking this link will run a drill report "CFHS - Disbursement Detail." 

Note:  The Disbursed to Payee amounts may not match on Parking Infractions.

Additional Report Filter drill options will be available on the report to limit the results to a Case Number Formatted and/or Obligor Name. These filters are selectable by drop down and only have values that were returned in the result set. (Image 3)  Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Case Number or Obligor Name filter to select the items that you would like to see in the report.

Image 3


This report displays data similar to the Case Financial History screen and report from JIS. 

 RN id: 2292