How did the Truancy Cases Eligible for Delete report change?

Prior to June 30, 1996, truancy cases were filed and managed in SCOMIS only.  The juvenile truant in the cases appearing in the Monthly Truancy Cases Eligible for Delete Report (JVR500B) is a SL-type (SCOMIS Litigant) case participant.  That report did not include well-identified JIS individuals (SCOMIS-only cases) so that the courts would have a reasonable amount of cases to review, confirm eligibility, and delete.   

In 1997 truancy cases required that the juvenile case participant be a well-identified JIS person (IN).  Therefore, the cases were initiated in JIS, the Person Business Rules were applied, and the case was verified and managed in SCOMIS. These cases do not appear on the current scheduled Monthly Truancy Cases Eligible for Delete Report. 

Beginning December 3, 2012, a new report is available to the courts that can be run to pull up cases that were filed and completed after 6/30/1996.  The new On Demand reports can be run from the Audit Report Selection (ARS) screen in JIS by selecting the Truancy Audit option.  Use the Report Start Date and Report End Date fields to enter the date range for the report.  Once the report is run it will be placed in your court's "A" domain. Two reports will be produced using this option will appear in the print domains listed as "Truancy Delete Report" (JVR510B) and "Expunge Parent Report" (JVR510C).

Note:  The scheduled monthly report will continue to run even if the court uses the new on-demand report.

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