What can be seen on the AR Type Detail report?

The AR Type Detail report provides a breakdown of cases using the specific AR Type Codes or Cost Fee Codes listed. It also shows the paid and adjusted amounts on the case. The report will run when an AR Type Code/Cost Fee Code link is selected from the AR Summary report or the Interest Accrual (SC) report, but it can also be run on by itself. It is available in the Drill folder within the Accounting folder in BIT. (Image 1)

Image 1


To run the report, double-click on the Drill Down folder and then double-click on the AR Type Detail report title. When the report opens it prompts for the entry of a Court Code (required), an AR Type Code (optional) and a Case Type Code (optional). Enter a prompted data and click <OK>.

Image 2


When the report displays it will contain the following data:

  • Restitution Joint and Several Flag (RJN)*
  • Case Number
  • Last Payment Date
  • Obligor [Name]
  • Ordered Amount
  • Paid Amount
  • Adjustment Amount
  • Due Amount
  • Total ARs
  • ARs Open Flag (Y/N)

*Superior Courts - The RJN column will be blank unless an account is marked as Joint and Several in JIS, then a Y will appear.

The Case Number and Obligor (name) will display as a hyperlink. Clicking on the Case Number will run the Obligation Detail drill-down report. Clicking on the Obligor hyperlink will run the Obligor Detail drill-down report.

This report is not an alternative to a JIS Report.

For information on how to run the report from the AR Summary report, see the eService Answer for the report: BIT Report AR Summary.

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