Who can use the Adult Static Risk Assessment program and who can see the reports?

It has been determined by the Risk Assessment Executive Steering Committee that the following groups or agencies may have access to the risk assessment application and create assessments:

  • judicial officers
  • court staff
  • prosecuting attorneys
  • prosecutor's staff
  • pre-trial and probation services staff

Completed risk assessments may be viewed by the following groups:

  • Judges and commissioners through the Judicial Access Browser Systems (JABS)
  • Public defenders and private defense attorneys through printed copies of the assessment report.

Getting Access to ASRA:

  • The first step to using ASRA is to thoroughly review the User Guide
  • Then review the ASRA Security Setup Instructions attached to the bottom of this answer.

If you begin using ASRA and encounter issues, please re-consult the User Guide or view the Help files within the application. If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact following for specific issues:

RN id: 2261