When should the new Guilty - DV Pled and Proved codes be used?

To help implement HB 2777 from the 2010 Legislative session two new Finding/Judgment codes were added for use on the Plea/Sentence (PLS) screen on Criminal Domestic Violence cases:

  • GV - Guilty-DV Pled and Proved
  • GR - Guilty-DV Pled and Proved Revoked Deferral

These codes should be used instead of G - Guilty, GD - Guilty Deferred Prosecution Revoked, or GO - Guilty Other Deferral Revoked if the Judgment and Sentence form specifically indicates that the Domestic Violence (DV) element of the crime was pled by the prosecutor in the charging document and proven by bench trial, jury verdict, or guilty plea.

The Judgment and Sentence (JS) pattern form that was published in July 2011 has a check box that should be marked to indicate that the DV element of the crime was pled and proven.  When the check box is marked, use the GV or GR code when entering the finding/judgment in PLS.



RN id: 2256