How can you get a delinquent notice to issue for a parking or photo enforcement ticket with an out-of-state license number?

Part of the Automated Parking Delinquency and Collections Cycle is the Department of Licensing (DOL) search for vehicle owner information. When the search is complete the vehicle owner's name and address is added to the statewide vehicle record in JIS.  The delinquent notice is issued automatically using the vehicle owner data that was added. 

When a delinquent vehicle related violation (parking or photo-enforced infraction) has an out-of-state vehicle license there is no owner information returned from the DOL search, so the JIS statewide vehicle record remains blank.  The JIS Parking Module will not issue a delinquent notice if there is no vehicle owner information listed for a vehicle related violation.

If the infraction itself has the vehicle owner's name and address listed on it, or if the local police department can provide the vehicle owner data for the court, the information can be manually entered into the JIS statewide vehicle record using the Parking Vehicle Owner Maintenance (PVM) screen.  Once the owner information is in JIS, the court can manually request a delinquent notice to issue using the Parking Special Request (PSR) screen.


RN id: 2248