Is there a list of DUI related laws that will not automatically transmit to DOL on eTickets?

The Dispositions on eTickets will not be electronically transmitted to the Department of Licensing (DOL) for any charge that has a Criminal-DUI (CD) Caseload Case Type code assigned to it.  These eTickets must be manually submitted to DOL via their DIAS application. 

A list of the laws that have this Caseload Case Type code can be located at the bottom of this answer.  NOTE: Two of the violations listed on the attachment  are Criminal Non-Traffic violation and should not be sent to DOL.

For more information about eTicket Dispositions see the ETP Manual section "DOL Disposition Transfer Information."  

If a user needs access to DOL's DIAS application, request access by contacting DOL's Data Services department at 360-902-3708, or by completing the DAPS and Dias Agency Access Request forms available on the DAPS and DIAS web page on DOL's web site.


1. If the orginal charge is a CD Caseload Case Type violation that is amended to a CT or CM Caseload Case Type violation, the eDisposition will be sent to DOL if the law it was amended to is set to report to DOL.  For example, if the original charge on an eTicket is a DUI and it is amended to Reckless Driving, the eDisposition will be sent automatically and should NOT be sent via Formsite as it will create an exception at DOL that must be manually reviewed.  For more information about what needs reported to DOL, please review the DOL Court Reporting Manual section "Reporting & Recording of Convictions."

2. When manually reporting a DUI under 46.61.502, Physical Control under 46.61.504, or any county or city ordinance related to DUI, you must not use codes A04, A08, A10, or A11 as they are for use for out-of-state conviction reporting only.  The codes cannot be hidden as they must be available for the other states' convictions to be documented within the system.  For more detailed instructions on adding the DUI, Physical Control, or any other conviction that must be done manually, please see DOL's DIAS User Guide located on the DAPS and DIAS web page on DOL's web site.



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