How do you add a new local law using the Fine/Penalty Schedule Update (FPSU) screen?

Prior to using the Fine/Penalty Schedule Update screen (FPSU) in JIS, two steps need to occur:

1. Review the JIS Online Manual - Administrative Tasks section "Fine/Penalty Schedule Update - FPSU (CLJ)."  The manual section provides instructions and demonstrations on using the FPSU screen as well as the recommended formats for local law numbers, law titles, and the BARS Codes to be used with each type of charge.

2. Complete a Local Law Data Entry Template document for each law being entered.  The template is attached to this answer and provides a list of each data element that will need to be known prior to creating the new law on the FPSU screen.  It is recommended that the template be used prior to entering any new local law.

Note: Law Table changes are sent to Washington State Patrol (WSP) for loading into SECTOR once per week (Wednesdays) and sent to Department of Licensing (DOL) monthly (the beginning of the month).  If you know of an addition or change to a law that will need to be entered, it is recommended that you do the entry/change in advance so there is time for the information to be sent to justice partners. FPSU does allow for future begin dates to be entered.

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