How are the Petitions for Vehicle Ownership to be filed?

In 2010, the Legislature enacted a statute that creates a new cause of action in both the superior court and the district court for petitioners to request a judgment awarding ownership of a vehicle.  The new procedure is effective beginning July 1, 2011.  See RCW 46.12.680 or the Laws of 2010, Chapter 161, Section 314 (SB 6379) for the specific details.

A person who is unable to provide the Department of Licensing with sufficient evidence of ownership when registering a vehicle, may file a petition in district court or superior court seeking a judgment of vehicle ownership.  See RCW 46.12.680 (2) (b).

  • Superior courts should file the petitions as a Case Type 2 - Civil filing, using the existing Cause Code MSC - Miscellaneous.
  • District courts should file the petition as a CV - Civil Filing, using the existing Cause Code OTH - Other.

These unusual petitions are likely to be filed rarely so a court receiving one may well benefit from having additional background information.  A detailed legal analysis containing background information for judges, court administrators, and clerks to review can be located attached to the bottom of this eService Answer.


RN id: 2224