What screens do court users need to have access to in JIS in order to use ETP?

Specific JIS screen-level security settings must be authorized for a user in order for that user to access and process tickets using the Electronic Ticket Processing (ETP) application.  Please verify that each court user's Authorization Overrides (ATHX) record has the following settings:

  • CLRN = D
  • DOL = D
  • MAM = D
  • NCC = U
  • NCCA = U
  • PER = U
  • SND = D
  • TOKE = D
  • VIO = U

Failure to include the settings listed above could prevent the new user from being able to properly process tickets in ETP.

All updates to a user's security must be completed in JIS.  For more information on security, including instructions and demonstrations, please see the JIS Online Manual Administrator Task- About Security.  For instructions and a demonstration on updating screen-level authority, click directly on the Authorization Overrides Screen (ATHX) topic.

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